About us

Who are we?

Elkhalil is a leadership Egyptian company in the field of wood, building materials and furniture accessories trading that thriving on decades of experience, and one of most trusted family businesses, and as a result of more than 50 years of experience and sincerity in work the company became amongst the largest importers wood-based panels in Egypt. The company’s core business involves wood panels, laminated flooring, wood cladding, doors and furniture accessories.

The company has the strength and commitment that comes from over half a century of business experience distinguished by excellence in achievement and attention to detail in everything it does.


Our warehouses maintain an elevated level of inventory making merchandise regularly available on the spot for other wholesalers and distributors. 

The efficient management programs, that control inventory and distribution processes, have significantly contributed to acquiring an escalating market share and the ability of expansion to new horizons in the market.


It is our policy to always find the best quality for price ratio from every country in the world and to make it available in our market. Imports come from a vast number of nations including Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, India, Romania and many more.

The aptitude of the company’s executive management to study and analyse market trends for a growing number of diverse products, and keeping its ability to rapidly adapt to changes a solid foundation for customers to rely on, Is the main factor that leads to the company’s market growth.